Prevent Dental Emergencies With Our Help!

No dental patient wants to experience the pain that comes along with a cracked tooth! Here are a few ways you can avoid a cracked tooth, provided by your #1 smile makeover dentist in Chicago: Dr. Kaufman.
Don’t chew on hard items! Whether candy, popcorn kernels, or non-food items, they should all be avoided. ‘Jaw Breaker’ candies were named that for a reason, and should be avoided! Hard candies and popcorn should be eaten in moderation, and avoided if possible because they can cause undue stress on your jaws and teeth.
Wear a mouth guard! A mouth guard should be worn during any contact sports or during any sport in general! If a ball is involved, a mouth guard should be worn. It only takes one hit to the mouth to lose or damage your teeth.
Correct your bruxism. If you grind your teeth, this can lead to a cracked tooth. Over time the pressure, wear, and tear can cause the tooth to not only grind down but to crack.
Keeping your scheduled appointments with your smile makeover dentist in Chicago can also help you avoid cracked teeth! During each visit, Dr. Kaufman  will inspect your teeth for signs of wearing, and provide tips to prevent additional wear.
If you have a cracked tooth, or would like to schedule an appointment due to grinding, you can do so HERE or by calling (773) 643-6006.