Your Orthodontics in Chicago Provides Treatment to Have the Smile You’ve Always Wanted, and Fast!


Having a smile that you’re comfortable with is the key to feeling comfortable and confident in yourself. Unfortunately, this can be different to achieve for some patients who feel they’re unable to receive surgical procedures in order to improve the look of their teeth. That’s why your orthodontics in Chicago offers Snap-On Smile, giving patients the chance to have their perfect smile in the simplest way possible!


The Snap-On Smile is an affordable, comfortable and removable appliance for your teeth that requires no intensive surgery, adhesives, or injections. With slightly flexible material made out of acetyl resin, this appliance expands and covers over your teeth, comfortably hugging them so they don’t come loose or move at all. It’s convenient, quick, and always gives you the smile you’ve wanted.


Your dentist will work with you to make the Snap-On Smile be your own smile. From creating the size of the teeth to making sure the shade of white is correct, your smile will not only look and feel natural, but you won’t be able to stop showing it off. You can have one created for either the top or bottom row of your teeth or both!


This option is incredibly available for patients who don’t have the option of receiving other cosmetic procedures that are far too costly, that they’re medically unable to have, or have a fear of extensive dental surgery. Snap-On Smile provides the cosmetic enhancement that a patient wants to achieve, as well as the benefit of not drastically changing their daily oral hygiene routine.


To learn more about Snap-On Smile, like how to properly care for them and how long it’ll last, check out our procedure page for more information. To discuss these orthodontics in Chicago with your dentist, call our office at (925) 362-8209 today!