Dental Office in Chicago on Stopping the Bleeding

Did you happen to see a bit of a red tint in that toothpaste you spit out in the sink this morning? Do not worry! You are dealing with a case of bleeding gums, which is very common for the patients of our dental office in Chicago.


You may be wondering how the gums can get to that state or what can be done to prevent it right about now…and that is why your Chicago dentist Dr. Kaufman has composed the following blog for you today!


As noted previously, you may have noticed your gums had a tendency to bleed at first while brushing or flossing your teeth. While not the only reason why, it is actually a lack of brushing or flossing that can cause the inflammation and subsequent bleeding in the first place!

You read that right! By not brushing or flossing daily or properly, bacteria, tartar, and plaque can build up along the gum line and cause inflammation. It is then that whenever the gums are touched, sometimes even by a fingertip, that they can begin to bleed.


It goes against most of our human instincts to disturb any wound that is bleeding- but in this case- that is what you must do make it stop. You have to keep brushing and flossing even though your gums may bleed to ultimately stop them from bleeding.


If you do not improve your regimen, serious repercussions could emerge. Not only are your chances of advanced gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss greater…but studies are showing links between bleeding gum issues and other whole-body-health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes and more. It may seem unbelievable that brushing your teeth could save your life, but in this case, it really can.


In the event you have tried stepping up your regimen and your bleeding does not subside over time, it is probably a good idea to schedule an appointment with our dental office in Chicago for an exam and cleaning.


You can schedule an appointment with your Chicago dentist Dr. Kaufman today by calling (773) 643-6006.


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