Chicago, IL dental practice offers NuCalm sedation services


When patients visit the dental office and are experiencing anxiety, they need to know that they are not alone. Drs. Richard Kaufman, Louis Kaufman, and Lisa Minkowski see patients every day who are dealing with nervousness about being in the dental chair. This happens to many adults and is not uncommon. Finding a dentist who can help is easy when patients call Kaufman and Kaufman Smile Design Studio.


At Kaufman and Kaufman Smile Design Studio, we provide a sedation method that does not use medication. This method, called NuCalm, is a great way to relax patients before and during their dental procedure in a way never before thought possible. By combining four components, patients can feel extremely relaxed during their visit. Here are the four steps needed in the NuCalm treatment:


• Tablet – patients chew on tablets that are not medication but rather a special formula that creates a natural relaxation response in patients. This kicks in rather quickly and patients report feeling at ease.

• Microcurrent stimulation – patches that emit microcurrent stimulation are placed behind each ear and can relax patients even further.

• Headphones – special headphones that eliminate surrounding noises are worn over the ears, allowing patients to eliminate distracting sounds and enjoy soothing music scientifically proven to put patients into a “pre-sleep phase.”

• Glasses – patients wear special glasses that black out any light and eliminates any visual stimuli that may be bothersome.


By combining these four elements, patients will experience a calming and enjoyable feeling that leaves them relaxed throughout their dental procedure. NuCalm eliminates the need for medication, needles, or gas that is often used to relax individuals in the dental chair. NuCalm is a special method available through our practice for patients who are interested—all you have to do is ask!


Ready to learn more about NuCalm? Contact Drs. Richard Kaufman, Louis Kaufman, and Lisa Minkowski of Chicago, IL at (773) 643-6006. Schedule an appointment with the front office to visit their practice at 1525 East 53rd Street, Suite 734 to discuss the possibility of incorporating NuCalm into your next visit with our staff!