Your Orthodontics Chicago Location Gives Tips on When to Make an Appointment


Have you been wondering when the right time to take your child to the orthodontist is? Sometimes it’s difficult to gage when’s the best time to make the appointment, especially if you don’t think that your child’s teeth don’t need the extra treatment. But there may be some problems that you don’t see right away that an orthodontist can spot. Dr. Kaufman, at your Orthodontics Chicago location Kaufman & Kaufman Smile Design Studio LLC, is here to tell you when to schedule your child’s appointment.


The best age to bring your child to the orthodontist is around the age of 7. Between the ages of 6 and 8, your child should be losing all of their baby teeth and their new ones will be coming in. If their permanent teeth aren’t coming in, there may be problems that an orthodontist is able to pinpoint.


This is the most common, visual reason that children are taken to the orthodontist. There are different reasons that children’s permanent teeth grow in, like previous damage, but this can be repaired with braces. Plus, if children wear braces at a younger age, then they’ll be able to get them taken off at an age where their self-esteem will have a huge impact on their social life.


This is common, as well, because when children’s adult teeth grow in, they may have large gaps in between their teeth. The spacing in between the teeth can cause everyday problems like difficulty eating, where food can get stuck and cause pain against your gums. When it comes to crowding, this occurs when your child may have lost their teeth too early or too late, causing the growth of the permanent teeth to be interrupted or damaged.


While there are further problems that can occur within a child’s mouth during this young age, they, along with those listed above, can be identified and corrected as soon as possible. If you want to schedule your child’s first orthodontist appointment, contact Dr. Kaufman at 773-643-6006 or click here to request an appointment today!