Chicago IL Dental discuss: foods to avoid when wearing Permanent Retainers

Permanent retainers are the best solutions for people who often lose or forget to wear their retainers. These are essential to help prevent the teeth from moving out of alignment. It is also a good and wise solution to ensure compliance of young children during the retention phase.


The most important aspect of caring for your retainer aside from having a good oral hygiene is to avoid foods that are commonly restricted by dentists. Now, what are the foods to be avoided when you wear permanent retainers?


1.      Hard food


Hard foods can increase the chances of breaking your permanent retainers. If this happens, you have to see your dentist immediately for fixing. Leaving it for a couple of days may affect the alignment of your teeth. Examples of hard foods that are to be avoided include popcorns, ice, crunchy snacks, nuts, and others.


2.      Sticky food


Permanent retainers make brushing and flossing somewhat difficult. Thus, eating sticky foods can increase risk of cavities and gum diseases due to inadequate brushing and flossing. It is hard to get into the small spaces, so what you have to do is to totally avoid sticky foods. Chewy foods can bend wires. Examples of sticky foods are chewing gums, caramel, toffee, taffy, beef jerky, and the like.


3.      Overly sweetened food


It is also common for food to accumulate in between the wires, and if not properly brushed it may lead to build-up of plaque, tooth decay, and stains. Examples of sweetened foods are chocolates, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and the list goes on.


4.      Acidic Foods


These are less-tooth friendly foods. There can be a build-up of acid after drinking and eating such foods. Brushing after meals is recommended since it can affect your overall oral hygiene. It needs thorough brushing to clean around your permanent retainers.



Permanent retainers are very helpful to keep your teeth in place. These are just a number of tips and guidelines to be strictly followed so that you can take care of your retainers as they do their work.