Chicago IL Dental office offers dental treatments that can improve your smile!

Everyone wishes to have a prettier smile. After all, having a pretty smile can boost one's confidence. To obtain a nice smile, one has to either be diligent in maintaining proper oral hygiene or avail of some amazing cosmetic dentistry treatments.


Maintaining proper oral hygiene is a better choice because it may only include methods such as brushing and flossing as well as going to the dentist. However, there is also value in cosmetic dentistry. Here are some of the popular cosmetic dentistry treatments that one can consider.


Dental Implants. A lot of people often think about dental implants first when they hear of cosmetic dentistry. That is not surprising, considering that this procedure is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure available nowadays. Dental implants the most useful method for fixing a missing tooth.


Teeth Whitening. This is the most common treatment in cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening, as the treatment's name suggests, is a cosmetic dentistry treatment used for lightening discolored teeth. It is a quick and easy procedure that provides a surprisingly dramatic result.


Bonding. A popular dental treatment, bonding takes advantage of dental composites resembling enamel. This dental composite material is then applied to the teeth's surface. Once applied, it will then be sculpted according to the patient's desired shape, hardened, and then polished.


Veneers.  Very thin custom-made porcelain coverings are typically the highlight of the cosmetic dentistry procedure popularly known as veneers. These porcelain coverings are then bonded to the teeth, making them perfect for covering discovered teeth or closing gaps.


Tooth Reshaping. Tooth reshaping is considered to be one of the simple cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help in improving the teeth's appearance. The said treatment generally involves removing a part of the enamel. Depending on how it is done, tooth reshaping can help change the position and length of the teeth. If there are chips on your teeth, tooth reshaping is useful for fixing that too.


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