Chicago IL Dental Office reminds patients the importance of flossing

With correct soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride paste or gel in hand, you go about the discipline of brushing teeth with short tooth-wide strokes for two minutes, two times a day. You repeat this daily to ensure that you clean all surfaces of teeth: outer, inner and back molars used for chewing.


Ways to keep plaque away

When at work, you chew only sugar-less gum after meals to generate the saliva that acts in washing away the acids that bring bacteria causing plaque to the teeth. You eat your healthy fruits and veggies in the ‘war on plaque.’ You are so reliable in keeping to your twice-annual dental exams that you mark the date on the calendar with a rubber stamp.

There may be hesitation, however, during that routine dental check-up when the dentist asks the inevitable question: “do you floss your teeth?” Like a deer caught in the on-coming headlights of a car, you repeat the question to stall for time. Don’t feel bad; many people hate to floss. Without question, flossing does take extra time.


How flossing can help 

By not glossing over the flossing you increase your chances of keeping those permanent teeth! You decrease the chance of getting gum disease because flossing the teeth after you have brushed removes plaque that sticks to teeth and gums in-between the teeth, and finally, flossing can control bad breath.

Types of Dental Floss

Nylon or Teflon floss are both effective. If you have teeth close together to use the thin floss that is often shred resistant. If there are wider spaces between teeth or gum recession that exposes the roots of the teeth a flat, wide dental floss will get better results. Let your dentist in Chicago IL Dental Office advise which is best for you.
Don’t be alarmed if you see a little blood when flossing, it means the gums are inflamed because of plaque build-up. If the bleeding lasts more than a few days, consult your dentist. If manual dexterity in handling the floss is a problem, try using the plastic two-pronged floss holder that allows cleaning with one hand. However you do it – remember to floss to protect against tooth loss!