Insurance Information from the Cosmetic Dentistry of Chicago IL Office

At Kaufman & Kaufman Smile Design Studio, we want to make your experience enjoyable at our office, before, during and after every appointment. Quality dental care is essential for your oral health and for your overall long-term health. It is important to have a dentist that provides quality care and invest in the longevity of your smile. By providing the utmost care paired with the latest technology, we will give you the results you need. And the providing the best service regarding insurance aspects of your dental care is no exception.


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Kaufman and Kaufman Smile Design Studio will do everything possible to help you make the most of your benefits. We strive for excellence in everything we do and want your dental care experience to be positive and easy-going with our capable team. If necessary, our general and cosmetic dentistry office of Chicago IL will contact the dental insurance company, or we may request your help in this matter. Our insurance coordinating team is here to help quickly process your information and work with companies to help maximize your benefits. At times dental insurance companies may take longer than others to complete payment, but we will always keep you informed during the process. Contact us today about any dental insurance questions you have.


Some companies we work with:


**We do not accept HMO or Medicaid