Chicago Orthodontist Weighs In on the Invisalign vs Braces Debate

So you’re looking to straighten your smile and are weighing the options. How do you decide? Before we go into the debate of Invisalign versus standard braces, please keep in mind that the treatment that is best for one patient may not be the same for another. Each patient’s dental issues are unique and require a consultation with your Chicago orthodontist to see which type of braces best fits their needs.


What’s the difference between Invisalign and traditional braces?


Chicago orthodontist Dr. Louis Kaufman describes the main differences between the two are the methods of application and the teeth-straightening process. Invisalign uses a series of aligners that can be removed simply by popping them out of your mouth. Braces are fixed in your mouth until the desired outcome is reached and can only be removed by your Chicago orthodontist.


Traditional Braces


Made of metal or ceramic, standard braces feature brackets and wire that are attached to each tooth. Orthodontists have complete control over the teeth-straightening process as they have the ability to manipulate the wires and direct teeth to their proper positions.




Invisalign utilizes a series of clear, plastic aligners that are switched out every couple weeks. Patients are able to remove them to eat and clean their teeth. While they appear similar to mouth guards to the user, they are virtually invisible to anyone else when they are in use.


Invisalign Pros

  • Much less noticeable than standard braces
  • Can still eat same foods as before treatment
  • Clean teeth the same way as before treatment


Invisalign Disadvantages

  • Less control for orthodontists to direct teeth
  • Treatment process may take longer
  • Not recommended for extreme dental issues


Braces Pros

  • Effectiveness of treatment
  • Less time for desired results
  • Typically less expensive


Braces Cons

  • Easily noticeable, some find embarrassing
  • Maintenance and cleaning is more time consuming
  • Cannot eat all foods as before treatment
  • Physical discomfort


As previously mentioned, it’s highly recommended that you get an orthodontics consultation before making any decisions on your oral future. Each patient is different and requires specific treatments to their cases. To meet with your Chicago orthodontist, give Dr. Kaufman and his team at Chicago Dentistry a call at 773-643-6006. You can also request an appointment online by clicking here.


A straighter smile is within reach! Reach out to your Chicago orthodontist today!