Dental Office in Chicago Busts The Myths

Dr. Kaufman and the entire staff of our dental office in Chicago hear quite the amount of rumors and myths as they relate to dentistry. Thanks to the gift of the Internet and patients searching for and/or spreading some misinformation, these tidbits can often become confused with reality.


And while some of these myths or rumors may be harmless if a patient actually believes or follows them, others may be slightly more detrimental.


It is for that reason that today we will be helping you maneuver some of the most common dental myths that we have heard:


Brushing Bleeding Gums

We have heard from a few patients that in the event they saw they had their gums bleeding, they wouldn’t brush anymore. The “you wouldn’t agitate any other wound on your body” comes into mind here.


It is our natural reaction to not want to further cause bleeding to our tissue if it begins, but that is what must be done here. The only way to stop the gums from bleeding, many times, is to keep brushing and flossing more than you have been. Inflammation and bleeding can result from bacterial and particle build up between the teeth, so the only way to beat it is to improve your habit.


Sugarless Gum > Teeth Brushing?

Nothing can replace your twice-daily teeth brushing. Chewing sugarless gum during the day can in fact help stimulate saliva, which can wash away lingering harmful particles in the mouth- but it is NOT a replacement for the most important part of your at-home oral health regimen.


Diet Soda Is Not Harmful

Our dental office in Chicago does not promote drinking soda, even of the diet variety. Although it will have less or zero sugar compared to the regular counterpart, diet can still have very high levels of acid in every can. The wear from acid over time can lead to teeth sensitivity, discoloration, decay, disease and much more. Pay attention to the labels and try a glass of the “diet-diet soda,” water!


For more information on any of these dental myths, rumors or misinformation- give your dental office in Chicago a call today at (773) 643-6006.


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