Chicago IL Dental Wants Patients to Know All about Gum Disease


While many dental issues are very avoidable by proper oral care, these issues are more prevalent than ever. Ignoring small tasks like brushing your teeth in the morning and night can (and will) give a person multiple dental problems to face—one of them being gum disease or periodontitis. There are many warning signs that a person can notice so they’ll be able to seek treatment and your Chicago IL dental office, Kaufman and Kaufman Smile Design Studio LLC, is here to discuss those signs and how to prevent this disease.


Before gum disease is in full effect, gingivitis usually occurs first. This is technically an early stage of periodontitis but doesn’t always have to lead to it. Gingivitis is gum inflammation, where bacteria builds up and can cause bleeding while you brush your teeth. Fortunately, this doesn’t always lead to a worse situation if it’s properly taken care of. Visiting your dentist and improving your oral care routine will decrease the chances of gingivitis lingering or becoming worse.


But, if this inflammation continues to be ignored, along with ignoring your dental care, then this can easily and quickly turn into gum disease. Some signs that can warn a patient of this problem are continuous inflammation of the gums while also being red and tender, excessive bleeding when brushing their teeth, a change in the appearance of their teeth, consistent bad breath and more. These issues are caused by poor hygiene, smoking and other forms of tobacco, medications, genetics, and other factors.


If this isn’t properly treated, then periodontitis can destroy your oral health and eventually, tooth loss will occur. At that point, procedures like dental implants are highly recommended to protect the rest of your teeth. To prevent this from occurring, please address any oral issues or pains that you may be having to your dentist so they’ll be able to start working on eradicating the problem immediately. Dr. Kaufman has a procedure to treat periodontitis and recommends patients to contact his Chicago IL dental office to learn more.


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