Prevent Teeth Relapse After Braces

When the teeth start shifting to their original position after braces are removed, this is referred to as teeth relapse.  Most often it happens in the lower front teeth and is a common occurrence.  Most dentist will offer another orthodontic device capable of handling this relapse.  There are several reasons this is experienced.
Reasons that Tooth Relapse Occurs
The bones and gum tissue that support your straightened teeth will have to settle after the braces are removed.  Over time, the teeth will find their place and make a permanent home.  During this time, many people find they are at risk for tooth relapse.  There are several things that can contribute to the likelihood of tooth relapse.    Some of these reasons are:
Tooth Loss – any gap that is created from the loss of teeth will cause your remaining teeth to become misaligned. 
Age – as we get older, our teeth become weaker.  As enamel wears away, tooth shifting is more common, especially in those lower front teeth.
Grinding – the tension and pressure that is created when you grind your teeth will affect the positioning of your teeth.  This is a common cause to the shifting that occurs.
Genetics – your hereditary makeup can cause your teeth to misalign.
Using a Retainer
Teeth that have recently been aligned will need the help of a retainer to keep their positioning.  Your dentist will prescribe the best retainer for your situation.  As technology advances, retainers continue to become more subtle and comfortable.  They are now custom-made to fit your teeth.  You might be given a Hawley and Essix removable retainer or possible a fixed retainer instead.  
Your gum tissue needs time to heal after the braces are removed.  This process can take up to a full year.  As your bones and tissues adjust to the new location of your teeth, wearing the retainer will give you the best chance of success.  It will aid in the final adjustments as well as protect your teeth from any relapse.  Talk to your dentist about any questions or concerns you have about your newly straightened teeth.
Retainers are the best way to protect the investment you’ve made in your teeth.  To achieve maximum results, be sure you wear your retainer properly.  Having a straight smile requires your long-term commitment and hard work. If you are in need of Orthodontics in Chicago, or would like to prevent teeth relapse, call our office today at (773) 643-6006 to schedule a consultation.