Best Dental Office in Chicago on Flossing Technique

Did you know that by choosing not to floss, you could be missing the cleaning of about 40% of your mouth? That’s right. Almost half of your mouth will not get cleaned, as your toothbrush, unfortunately, can’t do it all. That leaves your mouth open to decay, disease and more issues that the best dental office in Chicago can help you take care of- but that you would probably avoid if at all possible.


Why not floss then? It only takes a few minutes to just pull out one of those little disposable flossers they sell, give it a few quick swipes between the teeth and you are all done. Right?


Unfortunately, there is a bit more that goes into flossing than that. For that very reason, today we have provided you with a list of ADA (American Dental Association) approved Tips for Proper Flossing that you can review today.


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