Chicago Emergency Dentist Discusses how Stress can Damage More than One May Think


No patient is unfamiliar with stress during their everyday routine, but it’s not common to think about how it’s affecting their overall health. Although it may not start out as an emergency, patients who don’t talk to their Chicago emergency dentist about how their stress and their dental health are related can seriously suffer. Below, we’ll discuss a couple of scenarios where your stress can further damage your teeth.


Dry Mouth
When someone gets nervous or stressed out, your body begins to react to these feelings. Dry mouth is one of the potential issues that a patient can experience due to stress, which is when your saliva glands don’t produce enough saliva and causes an uncomfortable feeling on the inside of your mouth. Dry mouth also increases the risks of cavities.


When a patient is stressed out, it weakens their immune system. Sometimes, it won’t be immediately noticeable until you’ve relaxed and your body can catch up. With a weak immune system, this means that your mouth is at risk for oral infections. Stressful times during a person’s daily routine can cause them to ignore their brushing and flossing routines.


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