Dental Office in Chicago Solves Your Sensitivity

Here at Kaufman and Kaufman Smile Design Studio LLC, we treat dental issues ranging from the rarest to the most common, daily. One of the problems that our patients suffer from most frequently is a throbbing pain in their mouth caused by sensitive teeth. Worldwide this pain is actually one of the most common too, occurring in about half of the population at some point or another in their lives.


But what causes teeth sensitivity and how can it be stopped?


As it turns out, many of the original causes of teeth sensitivity can be the same substances that trigger your pain.


By exposing your teeth to a very acidic or sugary diet, over time the protective layer of the teeth, the enamel, will wear away. This will allow for those same damaging contents to wear on the teeth, on and on.


Eventually, this damage can manifest itself as microscopic holes that reach to the center of the teeth, where our nerves lie. Whenever a substance, usually a hot, cold, sweet or sour drink makes its way into these holes and make contact with the nerve- a signal of pain is triggered and we are left writhing.


As far as treatments are concerned, you may first turn to some simple aspirin or one of the many sensitive teeth related pastes or gels on the market. And while these items can in fact stop the ache, it will really only be a temporary fix. These products typically contain some sort of oral numbing solution and may dull the pain, but do not really solve it.


The best way to avoid developing these issues is to mind your diet. Put down that sugary sweet soda, hot cup of coffee or that freezing cold bowl of ice cream before it leaves permanent damage in your mouth.


What if you have already seemingly suffered the damage at the hands of these items?


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