Stay Away from DIY Dentistry

Doing things yourself around the house is a noble hobby and pastime. It can help you redo a kitchen or paint the living room. This mindset should never be used when it comes to your dental care. Dentistry is not a DIY project. Despite what you might have seen on the TV, tooth extraction is especially important to be done by a professional. Without the right tools and skills, extracting teeth will almost always go awry.
Tools Needed for Tooth Extraction
Tooth extraction forceps come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit they tooth they are working on. In addition, the dentist uses elevators which apply force between the teeth and bone so that the force is not transmitted to the jaw.
A scalpel is often used at times to make incisions to the gums. Retractors are used to give access to the tooth. Sometimes, surgical burs are used to remove any bone surrounding a tooth when it’s extracted or to split a tooth apart. Other less common tools include chisels, mallet, bone curettes, bone file, sutures, scissors, artery forceps and an aspirator.
These tools are not typically found in most households and require extensive schooling and training for use. Therefore, you wouldn’t be able to perform a tooth extraction properly.
DIY Dentistry Doesn’t Pay
There are numerous reasons why DIY dentistry is a bad idea, but let’s take a look at the financial aspect. Many people assume they are saving money, but they don’t take into account the additional work your Chicago dentist will have to do to fix their DIY mistakes.
Saving money starts with proper steps toward prevention. Make sure you are brushing your teeth for at least two minutes at a time and twice a day. Don’t forget to floss either. In addition, keep those regular dental visits with your practitioner, so your teeth are clean and healthy.
Neglect leads to a mouth that is unhealthy, which results in the need for tooth extraction. By taking steps to prevent this from occurring, you don’t ever need to consider DIY dentistry to be an option. Discuss treatment options with your dentist and never try to do it alone.
If you are suffering from any oral issue, your Chicago dentist urges you to call (773) 643-6006 to schedule your next appointment. Please don't put your oral health at risk by taking the problem in to your own DIY dentistry hands.