The Benefits of Botox

Patients who visit Kaufman and Kaufman Smile Design Studio, LLC are often seeking solutions for their smile. It may be replacing missing teeth or disguising imperfections. Some patients also visit for cosmetic procedures such as teeth bleaching. Many do not realize that our team also offers other solutions for the face with the use of Botox injections.


Botox injections have been used for decades to treat a variety of conditions and address the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face. This medication works by inhibiting muscle contractions which result in the development of these facial imperfections. Botox works for many months before reinjection is necessary to maintain the results. While many patients think of a dermatologist for Botox injections, a dentist in our practice can also provide treatment.


Botox is best used on specific areas of the face. It targets wrinkles and folds that are a result of muscle contractions. The most common treatment areas include the laugh lines, crow’s feed, glabellar lines between the eyebrows, and folds on the forehead. When these areas are treated with Botox injections, patients notice they reduce in depth and appearance within days.


Botox is completely safe and approved by the Food and Drug Administration for many medical and cosmetic enhancements. It is also affordable for many patients who are seeking a less invasive way to target the signs of aging than plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has many risks, while Botox is relatively simple and fast.


Drs. Richard Kaufman, Louis Kaufman, and Lisa Minkowski of Kaufman and Kaufman Smile Design Studio, LLC of Chicago have been helping patients for years in improving the appearance of their smile. With Botox injections, patients can now enjoy cosmetic services for the face with their dentist. If you are interested in learning more about Botox injections available in the dental chair, contact the team today by calling (773) 643-6006 or by visiting our practice at 1525 East 53rd Street, Suite 734 in Chicago. We accept new and existing patients who are ready to enhance their appearance with the help of dental professionals.