Unveil your Brightest Smile Fast with Professional Whitening at Home


One of the biggest concerns expressed by adults today is that their teeth are not as bright and white as they used to be. The bad news is that there really isn't any way to avoid the accumulation of stains on your teeth. The other bad news, which you may already know, is that most home methods of whitening, including strips and toothpaste, just don't work for most people. Now for the good news . . . Getting the brighter smile you want doesn't have to involve expensive high-tech treatment. Good old-fashioned home whitening prescribed by your Chicago dentist can do the trick - and fast.


Let's Look at In-office Whitening


The whitening treatment conducted in many dental offices involves the same basic process that is used in home whitening. The difference is that the peroxide gel that is applied to enamel is activated with some type of light source. This activation speeds up the process. It does not maximize results in terms of how white your teeth can get. Teeth whitening with professional-grade peroxide will work just as well at home as it does in the office. It can also cause unpleasant sensitivity.


Why Home Whitening may be your Best Bet


There are very few situations for which in-office whitening is a must. The few exceptions are that an upcoming event requires you to look your best now, and that you have absolutely zero time to conduct care at home over the course of about a week. Even when a patient has a special event on the horizon, we find that whitening at home can offer some really great advantages.


  • Comfort. Teeth whitening can dehydrate your teeth temporarily. For some people, this means that they can experience some pretty uncomfortable sensitivity. When whitening takes place in the course of an hour in the dental office, there is little chance that sensitivity can be mitigated. Home whitening can be done daily, or every other day, to adjust to the needs of each person and their level of sensitivity.
  • Convenience. We understand that most people would prefer to spend as little time in our office as possible. We get it! Teeth whitening done at home does not take you away from your busy schedule. You might even choose to wear your whitening trays while you sleep!
  • Consistency. As much as we wish it were possible, the results of teeth whitening do not last forever. When you have whitening trays that have been fitted to your teeth, all you need to do to maintain your results is pop them in with some fresh gel supplied by your dentist for a quick touch-up.

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