Smile Makeover Dentist in Chicago on Definition

To your top provider of smile makeovers in Chicago, patient education is an essential piece of the puzzle. Dr. Kaufman wants all of his patients to be knowledgeable about what procedures are being performed, why, and how they can continue their oral health maintenance outside of our office walls. And even though we could theoretically spend hours passing this knowledge along to you, it probably still won’t add up to a DMD or DDS degree.


Let’s face it, at the end of the day- we talk about what and with what we are familiar with. For web marketing people, that may mean using terms like “SEO,” “PPC,” or “Adwords” without a thought- but dental professionals may say “edentulous” and get a puzzled stare back as well. We never want to alienate, confuse or lose you by using terms you may not be so familiar with. If we ever do resort to this, please question us as to what they mean. Sometimes our vernacular can get the best of us


We understand that all people learn differently and at their own pace as well. Because of this, we have provided the following resource, an online Dental Glossary, for you to review some terms and concepts at your leisure: Click Here for More.


At the end of the day, even if you don’t know your “occlusal” from “occlusion” - knowing that regular appointments with your top provider of smile makeovers in Chicago are needed is key! Call today to schedule your next visit at (773) 643-6006.


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