Chicago TMJ Dentist Helps You Handle Stress

When we think about stress, we often associate it with hair pulling, fist clenching, and jaw clenching. What you may not have previously considered is the effect that all of that jaw clenching can have on your teeth! Chicago TMJ specialist Dr. Kaufman provides more information on jaw clenching and its impacts below!


Every time you clench or grind your teeth, whether at night or during the day, you are exposing yourself to tooth wear, tooth loss, and TMD – which can cause painful jaw joint. When you clench your jaw, you are increasing the biting forces outside of what your jaw can handle, and what you jaw is designed for.


Jaw Clenching Symptoms:

Applying added pressure can result in wear and tear on the jaw joints and muscles resulting in:

-          Headaches

-          Earaches

-          Backaches

-          Neck pain


Stress affects all of us differently and sometimes manifests as headaches or back pain. What you may not have considered is that these ‘symptoms’ may just be due to jaw clenching.


A night (or bite) guard is one of the most effective ways to ease the symptoms of jaw clenching or grinding. A night guard will provide a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. Your lower teeth will no longer be able to grind into your top tooth, which gives your jaw muscles a break, and eases the pain!


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