Dental Office Chicago Proudly offers Dental Fillings to help you restore your teeth

Many people love the cream and donuts with the variety of jelly fillings. A tasty pie is all about the filling: apple, blueberry, cherry, or custard. The filling in the Polish pierogies, Italian ravioli, and Jewish blintzes is what makes that dough so delicious! People put great weight on what goes beyond the surface look of the foods they eat. It should be the same with a dental filling. 


What Dental Fillings Consist of

When it comes to the filling that goes into a tooth cavity to repair, however, few look very deep into the situation. It is important to know because anything concerning the health of your teeth is important. That is why your Dental Office in Chicago is providing you with information on what Dental Fillings consist of: 
-          Composite Fillings
A composite filling is a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles. Composite fillings are specially used in front teeth or the visible parts of the teeth since it can match the color of your teeth. The composite filling makes the tooth stronger because it bonds directly to the tooth. The procedure for this dental filling can be completed in one dental visit, and it can last up to five years.
-          Gold Fillings
A Gold Filling is made up of Gold Alloy (gold mixed with other materials). One of the best thing about a gold filling is that it doesn’t corrode. A Gold Filling can last up to 15 years which is longer than all the other filling materials. This filling is durable enough to withstand chewing forces.
-          Ceramic Fillings
Unlike Composite fillings, Ceramic fillings are made up of Porcelain material. A ceramic filling is mostly used for crowns, veneers, and implants. Even though Ceramic fillings last more than seven years, there is a disadvantage to it. Ceramic Filling is more fragile than Composite Filling which means that it can break easily. 
Know the many options offered by your Dental Office Chicago to help you fill your needs. Contact us today to learn more about dental fillings because the filling is everything!