Dentist in Chicago on the Power of Cleanings

As the best dentist in all of Chicago, Dr. Kaufman and staff often see patients for general dental procedures, as well as all of the cosmetic and advanced options we specialize in. Of all of these general treatments, the most common, as well as the most helpful, definitely will be the dental cleaning. We recommend these cleanings and exams every 6 months for patients of all ages. At this pace, we are able to not only clean the teeth and remove and lingering tartar or plaque, but also to diagnose and begin treatment on other developing issues. This can and will save you money and time that go hand and hand with more extensive procedures.


But what else can a dental cleaning do for you? See below for more benefits!


Bring Back Your Smile

Over time, our diets and age can directly impact the shade of our smiles. Drinks and foods like coffee, wine, soy sauce and more can darken the smile- but that can all be prevented with regular cleanings. Allow us to remove any built-up stains at your next cleaning and see the bright white difference in your amazing smile again!


Cure that Breath

Even with your own twice daily brushings and flossing, tartar and plaque can still build up and linger. Part of a dental cleaning is getting to those hard to reach places at the back of the mouth, between teeth and in the pockets around the gums. By removing debris from these areas, we can be removing particles that cause bad breath! Skip the mints and gums- get a cleaning to spruce up your next exhale!


Besides the aforementioned fact that cleanings can save you time, money, freshen your breath and brighten your smile- they can also save your life. More and more diseases and whole-body-health issues are being correlated to poor oral hygiene, such as heart disease and diabetes, and regular dental cleanings can help prevent these issues and thus- maybe even save your life.


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