Chicago Dental Implants Location Talks Missing Teeth Consequences


We all know that accidents happen. No one wants to lose a tooth on purpose. Sometimes, teeth need to be taken out. But if you have the chance to replace your missing tooth, you should! There are unfortunate consequences to not replacing teeth when you’re fully capable of doing so, and your Chicago Dental Implants location is here to tell you why.


There are some side effects that that come with tooth loss. Firstly, the comfortability of having an open space there. It will affect the way you look, which could affect the way you feel about your looks. Having dental implants will bring back comfort to your life because you’ll feel better about smiling and showing your teeth.


Also, if you’re missing a tooth, you can cause pain to your mouth and gums while you eat. Food can easily get stuck between teeth, and since there’s a larger gap, you’re more likely to get something pushed or wedged there. Bleeding gums can occur faster if a sharp piece of food is there where a tooth should be.


For long time effects, missing teeth can cause damage to your facial structure. When a tooth is gone, your bones suffer loss of alveolar bone, which affects its external width, height, and volume in your jawbone. Over the years, since the structure changes, your cheese can sink in because your facial support is weakening. This can also lead to visual changes to your looks.


Talk to your dentist who can discuss dental implants with you and find out if they’re right for you. These consequences, while they take time, can still occur if your missing tooth is not replaced. Call Dr. Kaufman about this procedure at your Chicago Dental Implants location at 773-643-6006 or schedule an appointment/consultation here!


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