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Dr. Kaufman offers his patients the widest variety of high efficiency cosmetic dental solutions available. One of the most popular of these options for solving a multitude of dental issues in not only our office but nationwide is porcelain shells that adhere to the teeth called veneers. And the best type of veneers? They are called Lumineers. Today, your top provider of Chicago Lumineers will be discussing why they could be a benefit to you!


But first, we have to know what cases Lumineers could be applicable to…


For starters, if you are not happy with the shape, shade or size of your teeth- Lumineers could be a great choice for you. They have been proven to maintain their shade for at least 20 years without seeing any discoloration. Lumineers also can help cover up any spacing caused by misalignment or minor chips in the teeth. They can conceal all of these factors, plus also help restore your tooth’s natural contour, the lines, grooves and shape of the tooth.


Over time, or due to other procedures, the contours of our teeth can change. Your Chicago dentist’s goal, no matter the treatment, is to have your tooth resembling, well, a tooth at the end of a procedure. Veneers and Lumineers can help return to these natural contours which help us speak, eat and do so much more with our mouths that can often go overlooked.


But how do Lumineers and Veneers differ? The million dollar question.


In cases of veneers, in order to compensate for the extra “layer” that is being adhered to the surface, quite often the teeth must be shaved down a bit first. Lumineers have an advantage over traditional veneers because they are thinner- MUCH thinner. Like one-third to one-half of the thickness of veneers thin. This allows for no shots, no drilling or scaling down the surface of the teeth before application. Less physical work in a shorter time frame definitely makes patients and doctors alike all the happier.


Speaking of making the doctor happy, if you needed any more convincing that Lumineers could be the solution for you, just know that even Dr. Kaufman trusted them himself:


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