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The new school year is right around the corner! This means that many children will be joining new sports teams to become more involved in their school. An important factor in children’s sports is protecting their teeth and overall oral health, which is why the use of mouth guards is highly recommended. Your Chicago cosmetic dentist discusses different mouth guards so kids and adults alike are able to save their teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks and jaw from possible, irreversible harm during sports.


Over-the-Counter Guards
These mouth guards are the most popularly chosen mouth guards, but unfortunately, they may not always do the job. When you purchase mouth guards from a store, they’ll help more than not wearing one, but the patient could still be susceptible to damage. Mouth guards bought in the store are not custom made to the shape of the individual’s mouth and, therefore, can be uncomfortable and even painful.


Boil & Bite Guards
These can also be purchased in store, mostly sporting goods and drug stores, and can offer more comfort than the simple over-the-counter guards. They can be custom fit to your mouth by first putting the guard in boiling water and then inserting in your mouth so it’ll take shape. While these are better than the previously mentioned guards, these can be dangerous because they could burn your mouth if you put the guard in too soon. This is difficult because you need the guard to be able to be molded properly.


Custom-Made Guards
These are the best-recommended mouth guards for all patients who play sports and can be made by your Chicago cosmetic dentist. They offer the best fit and can provide the most protection to your teeth, gums, cheeks, and more. Your mouth will feel comfortable because the guard is molded to your unique dental situation.


If your children are thinking of joining a sports team during their new year of school, contact your Chicago cosmetic dentist to discuss custom-made mouth guards. Call our office using this number 773-643-6006 or click here to request an appointment today!