My First Visit

Your First Visit: Where Comfort Meets Comprehensive Care

Welcome to Chicago Dentistry! Conveniently located in the historic Hyde Park Bank building.

We're excited to embark on this personalized smile journey with you. Your initial visit establishes the foundation for a tailored dental experience designed around your unique needs.

Streamlined Pre-Visit Process: Hassle-Free Paperwork

Spare yourself the paperwork and save time. Complete necessary forms online before your appointment. It's a seamless start to your dental adventure at Chicago Dentistry.

Comprehensive Patient Exam: Personalized Care by Dr. Lisa Minkowski, Dr. Jessica Stacko and Dr. Louis Kaufman

Before proceeding with any treatments our doctors Dr. Minkowski, Dr. Stacko or Dr. Kaufman conduct a meticulous examination, taking the time to understand your individual smile goals. This detailed assessment forms the basis for a custom-tailored treatment plan.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Precision Dentistry

Our skilled dental assistants employ advanced technology to capture detailed images of your smile. From high-resolution photos to precise intraoral scans and X-rays (and occasionally a cone beam for an even closer look), we leave no detail unnoticed. This commitment to advanced diagnostics ensures the highest standard of care.

Pampering Touches: Elevating Your Experience

Enjoy the added luxury of hot towels to refresh and relax during your visit. It's these thoughtful touches that make your experience at Chicago Dentistry exceptional.

Warm Welcome and Appreciation

As a token of our gratitude for choosing Chicago Dentistry, we extend a warm welcome and a small gift. It's our way of expressing thanks and making your smile journey even more special.

Your Comfort, Your Way: Teledentistry Options

For your convenience, we offer teledentistry consultations prior to your first in-person visit. This option allows you to connect with us from the comfort of your own space, addressing any initial concerns or questions you may have.

Prioritizing Relationships over Treatments

At Chicago Dentistry, we understand that trust and rapport are fundamental to successful dental care. Before any procedures, we invest time in building a foundation of understanding and trust. Your smile, your pace.

Your initial visit at Chicago Dentistry marks the beginning of a collaborative partnership dedicated to your dental well-being. We can't wait to meet you! Schedule your visit today, and let's embark on creating a radiant smile that shines bright.

Be sure to bring these items to your first appointment.

  1. Driver’s License or Valid ID
  2. Dental Insurance Card

Financing & Insurance

Finance Information

Insurance Information

We can help you maximize your benefits. We recommend that you contact our office prior to your appointment to provide us with insurance information for verification of benefits. We are in network with Metlife, Aetna Dental Extend Network and Delta Dental and we accept most other insurances, and will file most claims for you as a courtesy. We will provide you with an explanation of your dental benefits and financial responsibilities up front, and work with you to ensure financing, if needed.

Patient Forms

New Patients

New Patient Information

Health History

Notice of Privacy Practices HIPAA

Financial Policy

Patients Out of Network

Patient Photo Consent

Authorization to Release All Dental Records Form

Sleep Disorders

Medical and Identification Card Upload

Existing Patients

Health History

Notice of Privacy Practices HIPAA

Financial Policy

Patients Out of Network

Patient Photo Consent

Sleep Disorders

Medical and Identification Card Upload

Membership Plans

Membership plan


Once the annual fee is paid and received for the membership program, you will be entitled to discounted fee dental services for 12 months. Members, spouses and dependent children under age 19 or full-time students up to 26 years of age are eligible. Children may be members only as dependents of adult members. You have the right to cancel at any time by submitting a written request. The refund will be a prorated reimbursement of the annual fee paid, less a $40 processing fee.


A 15% fee reduction on all dental services


  • Low Cost!
  • No deductible!
  • Pre-existing conditions covered
  • 2 Routine Prophylaxis Cleanings
  • Yearly Periodic Oral Examination by your doctor
  • Yearly Periodontal Examination by your Hygienist
  • Yearly set of bitewing x-rays
  • Yearly Velscope Oral Cancer Screening


  • No Claims Forms
  • No Annual Maximums!
  • No waiting periods to see your dentist!
  • Pre-existing conditions covered

Your Entire Family is Eligible!

You may enroll your spouse and eligible dependents. Eligible dependents include your unmarried children to age 19, and full-time students to age 26.

A full-time student is defined as taking 12 or more units/credits. Verification is required!


  • Single Member $489
  • Additional Family Members: $259.00

Prices Subject to change

Contact Smile Design Studio of Hyde Park to schedule an appointment! (773) 643-6006

A Leader in Providing the Highest Quality of Dental Care

The treatment you need at prices you can afford!

This is an annual reduced-fee dental plan that allows individuals and families to receive quality dental services from Kaufman and Smile Design Studio of Hyde Park LLC. The discount is based on our usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) fees. This is not an insurance plan. No claims are filed and no payments are made to any other healthcare providers. Kaufman and Smile Design Studio of Hyde Park LLC is not a licensed insurer, health maintenance organization, or other underwriter of health services. This plan may not be combined with any other offers, discounts, insurance, discount plans, or advertisements. The discounts offered are valid only in this office.


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